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1/10/22 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Card Guidance

👋🏼Here I am!! I apologize on my absence from writing these posts, life happens! Right!? I must say I had a wonderful time with the Holidays this year also happy they are behind us and we've moved onto a wonderful New Year, (in some terms)! Welcome to 2022!! 🎉😁There are a few posts I will be creating regarding 2022 as a whole, but I so badly needed to get back to basics, beginning with these posts on Monday's again! I enjoy writing them each week as it helps me to focus my energies accordingly as well. I hope you find them just as helpful! You are able to subscribe to the blog so you never miss any of the amazing future posts I have planned! 😁

For this entire week we are in Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase where we began today. During this phase we are being asked to Let Go, Align, and Trust. We are preparing for the first Full Moon of 2022's arrival next Monday!!! Throughout this entire week we should be reflecting back to our intentions set at the New Moon (1/2/22) and letting go of everything else. Aligning to that which we desire. We get 12 Full Moon phases to align to our desires, manifest and create our desired reality! Letting go isn't easy for some, it is definitely something I'm starting to enjoy this ride of being present. Making plans and having routines used to be something that helped me to thrive. I don't know if it's growth, age, lessons, but as time has went on in my life I am beginning to realize that when I simply let go and trust a little things do have a way of working out. I think that's called getting out of your own way. Having a plan is great, we all need one, it's navigating the emotions that arise and letting them go when something changes our plans. Sometimes these changes are because we simply change our mind and edit the plan accordingly. Sometimes these changes are from outside events changing the chart of our course. Either way guess what, you get to choose your response, your energy you pour over the change. I've began to label my "problems" differently, I've decided to call them changes, as they naturally are. We get to choose our perspective, we get to choose everything about our lives and when we begin to apply this power of choosing, of allowing, we begin to see the flow of everything. I can choose for something to be a problem, or I pivot my perspective in a new direction that feels better on the vibrational scale and see it as a needed change.

During the time since I wrote last, I've experienced many changes, more on that at a later time though. I got to choose to not settle into lower vibrations of these changes being a "problem" by being present and pivoting, letting go of what I once thought was going to happen and stepping into the change with a positive perspective.

Can you take this week to align to changes as they arrive, to let go of "problems", to align with a better feeling thought, changing perspectives and pivoting to that better feeling thought, navigating through a lower vibration/emotion, then let go of it, let go, align, and trust. Trust that present moment alignment of the best feeling thoughts you can have. Keep your eye on those intentions, make changes if needed, and keep moving through the week with trust. Trust that as the First Full Moon of a New Year is approaching that the universal energies have your back. They always have and always will.

The "problems" as I used to view them have become changes, opportunities, growth, so I now almost welcome them since I am learning so well how to navigate through them. I choose. That is where our power is, YOU CHOOSE.

Choose this week to stay present, re-read this as many times as you need to, learn more about lunar energies in research elsewhere, The knowledge and wisdom is there for you, ask and it is given. Trust that. Let go, Align, Trust.

Next Monday we arrive at the Wolf Full Moon in Cancer! More details on that in next weeks post!

👀😁Tomorrow is 1/11/2022 and Wednesday 1/12/2022....pretty interesting date and numbers there! There are many this month and year that are neat! I hope to write some more posts in the future regarding numerology, but a quick note of 111 and 222 for now.⬇️

111 key words: enlightenment, independence, motivation, self-love, abundance, good luck

222 key words: perfect balance, new beginnings, harmony, commitment, compromise, trust

Orace Card Guidance

Alice The Wonderland Oracle

17. "Growing Up: Wanting to grow in experience; rejection of perpetual youth."

Alice: "Shall I never get any older than I am now? That'll be a comfort, one way-never to be an old woman-but then-always to have lesson to learn! Oh, I shouldn't like that"

This card arrives to remind us to maintain our childlike curiosities yet embrace our life lessons and changes. As through these lessons and changes we gain the wisdom needed to navigate through the process of aging and "growing up."

It always amazes me the cards provided that correlate to the lunar phase for the week. We are being reminded to see the positive perspective in growing older, to "work through our own lessons with practicality, patience, and enjoyment" We are all on our way to becoming an ancient, an elder, change is the only constant. Embrace the changes and enjoy the process. I love her advice, "being young at heart, yet yearning for encounters that will help you evolve, grow and experience the fullness of life"

You get to choose if you trust the process and view it as a "problem", or embrace changes as they come, because they are, everyday all day. Choose your state of being, your point of attraction, align to your desired reality. Trust.

I hope this helps you navigate your week a little better! 😁

If you would like a reading with this deck you can book here ⬇️⬇️

Stay Present⌛

Stay Curious 🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,

Mel 💜

*Alice The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

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