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1/24/2022 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Guidance

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Can you believe that we are in the last week of January already?!😲 I have had a very focused and productive month! Staying focused, mindful, aligned, and in higher vibrations takes things to whole new levels!! Today we begin our week by finishing the last day of Waning Gibbous moon phase. We are still sulking in the energies of receiving and not forgetting gratitude for that which we have already received. Take some time this evening to ask and express gratitude as we move into the Last Quarter phase tomorrow. During the Last Quarter phase we are asked to take just one day to Let go & Breathe. We are asked to just be. Not anything other than in the flow, just be, just flow, let go & breathe. We are being reminded by the last quarter phase of the moon that it is, in fact, required to take a break and get some rest. It is time to release those energies that no longer serve you, it is time to let go of things, people, situations, and energies that cannot go where you are going next. It is time to release the guilt and habits that do not serve your highest good. It is time to prepare for cleansing. We let go & release tomorrow and then Wednesday move right into cleansing with the Waning Crescent phase where we remain through the end of the month. This is the last of the month and time to reflect, release, and renew. We are asked to reflect upon our intentions set at the new moon, reflect on the progress made thus far, do the inner work and release any emotions that arise, cleanse and renew your vibration and align within. Let go of anything that doesn't align with your intentions and allow your transformation to emerge. Make preparations and changes for the new intentions you will be setting at the New Moon on Feb 1! ⚛️

I have the key words for the week every week in my planner, I genuinely go by the guidance I receive and provide for the week! I hope this guidance helps you as well! The Oracle Card Guidance is down below!! Don't forget about our Moon Phases Shirts!! You can grab one here⬇️⬇️😁

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Guidance

38: You Are Rare and Free; There Are Not Many Like You!

"Are there any more people in the garden besides me? Alice said, not choosing to notice Rose's last remark. There's one other flower in the garden that can move about like you, said the Rose, I wonder how you do it-"

It always amazes me how the card given will correlate to the moon phase guidance. This card is here to remind us we are free to be our wildflower selves. We are not here to conform to society. We are not here to live conditioned and censored. We are not here to live with preprogrammed agendas. We are here to simply be. To adventure and experience. This card shouts to take the time to release that which doesn't align to your truest inner self. To not be forced into the boxes and labels society projects. For some, acceptance becomes an issue feeling as if you do not fit into the "normal" society and feel others simply don't understand you. This is reminder that your vibe attracts your tribe. The right people, circumstances, and events will align for you when you take care of your energy. Don't go through your days secretly hiding all that makes you who you are. That vibration is much lower, instead take the Waning Crescent time to reflect and release, do this inner work aligning with the free soul you are and just be you. You are not designed to be like anyone other than you. Release the conditioning, release the programming, release the labels, climb out of the boxes, release and renew. Allow your heart to lead and your light to shine. Feel the love within yourself, share it with others, that is freedom. This life is to short to be anything other than who you truly are. There will always be those that say we're "weeds" much like the other flowers did Alice. When Alice realized who she was, she was able to slay her own dragons and show up as her truest, rarest, free self. She did the impossible. So can you. "You are Rare and Free, There are not many like you."

I hope this helps you with navigating this week a little better! 💜

If you would like a reading with this deck you can book here ⬇️😁

Stay Present⏳

Stay Curious🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,


* Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

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