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1/31/2022 Weekly Moon Phase Guidance

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Today we finished up with Waning Crescent phase and our reflecting and cleansing. Taking these last moments to release all that is not aligned with your inner self or your goals and intentions. Resting and relaxing to the end of a Lunar Cycle and Preparing to set those intentions tomorrow with the New Moon. Actually we move into the New Moon Lunar energies with the lowest illumination overnight just before 1am (est). This New Moon comes to us in the Sun Sign of Aquarius. This New Moon arriving on the 1st of the month puts us on the perfect tract to set some high goals for the month, not to mention the sign of Aquarius adding in the inventive, assertive, independent, vibes we need! Aquarius is brings electric energy and we may experience heightened intuition! The New Moon is the time to practice journaling your intentions or writing them on bay leaves, even make an intention jar! Do whatever resonates for you and feels good! Inviting in the energies, asking for guidance, and focusing on your intentions. We create our realities, manifesting all day everyday whether we realize it or not. So you choose, just a reminder of that choosing word again, choose, set the intentions. Wednesday we move into Waxing Crescent phase where we step into those feelings. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, Feel to Heal. Allow the E-Motions to flow through you, feel them and release. Also in regards to feeling, sit with your set intentions, visualize, and feel them coming to fruition, feel as if they have already manifested into your reality, if even for a few minutes a day, from Wednesday through next Monday. Set just a little slice of time aside for this. Allow yourself to quite the mind, practice some deep breathing, and visualize those goals being met, visualize the money flowing, visualize those intentions arriving, feel the relief, the excitement, end those sessions with gratitude. Stay in those high vibrations, carry the energy of the visualization as much as possible. This is adding momentum to your vibrational point of attraction. We are doing these things as the waxing crescent phase is asking us to prep, plan, and refine. Prepare your mind, your sacred space, your home, your wallet, your life, prepare for those visualizations manifesting, let the universe know that you are open to receive. Wednesday 2/2/2022 We enter that power number portal of positive energy that comes with master number 22 and then amplified as 2222, it is also the 33rd day of the year, and the 44th day of winter (leaves 46 days until spring by the way!) Furthermore, Tuesday 2/1 - Wednesday 2/2 is Imbolc where we also mark the beginning of the new beginning coming with spring, we are asked to prepare for the new season by cleansing and purifying. The clearing out of the old, making space for new beginnings both within and in physical reality. This is our time of renewal and welcoming in the new energies. This whole week is very special in so many ways as you can tell! Take the time to do a little self care, follow along and play with the energies available to you! Let the Universe wow you a little! This is the perfect time to start!

Whew what a great week we are going to have!!

I am not pulling a card for guidance this week. I have had a pretty long day and I do believe we have all the guidance we need for this week, a lot of energies going on, a lot to really take in. Furthermore, in my area (Indiana), we are headed for what sounds like the worst winter storm I've experienced. I hope everyone takes the preparations you feel you need to do to keep you and your families safe and warm!

As always if you have any questions just let me know! I'm always here to help!

Stay Present⏳

Stay Curious🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,


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