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10/19/21 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Card Guidance

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you've had a great week so far! I'm a day late, but with good reason! I have normally, until now, posted this Moon Phase Update & Card Pull weekly on Mondays on our Facebook Page. However, as I am transitioning to our website and writing on the blog, they will all be posted here from now on!

Excited isn't a good enough word to describe how I am feeling for this huge step, this new beginning, for this platform, for this opportunity. It's as if in one decision of creating a website, all of my dreams are literally at my fingertips. Of course there is work to be done, but when the time spent is doing something I love, it isn't work at all, it is purpose and fulfillment. Therefore, much more to come and this is the first of it! The platform is created, the beginnings are set, and growth is certain! I am certainly no longer limited on my number of characters written, which for me is important. I couldn't even tell you how many posts I've had to edit and shorten due to those limits, or the times the post just disappeared and was gone forever, forcing me to entirely re-write the post. This is truly the beginning of a whole new me. A whole new approach and fitting for the post, "To the Moon"....leading me on to the topic for this post.....

Moon Phase Update for the week 10/19/21 through Sunday 10/24/21 (next update on Monday 10/25/21)

Today and tonight we are finishing out the Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase, where we are asked to Trust, Let Go, & Align. Today the Moon is in Aries, the ruler of the head and face, which would make a good time to stay mindful of our thoughts, letting go of non-serving thoughts, trusting what is for you is on it's way, and aligning with your truths. Spend the rest of today and tonight focusing on what you can let go of and how to better align with your inner self & truths. Trusting a little more in the Universal Energies to deliver what we need, what is for our highest good at this time. It is a day to love on yourself a little more. Give yourself a break and don't be so self-critical.

Today we are also transitioning into October Hunter's Full Moon with formal Full Moon Date of Wednesday 10/20/21 of 100% illumination. This is the reason that full lunar energies are felt for 2-4 days, before, during, and after a full moon depending on the percentage of illumination. Personally, I am either extremely tired or the opposite and extremely motivated during the Full Moon Phases. This Hunter's Full Moon in Aries is kicking my butt, as I'm an Aries and can feel this rapid fire brain ruling energy, leading to exhaustion and quick. This full moon is focused on harvest, celebration, and gratitude. It is a good time to celebrate the intentions you set and the fruitions that are on their way. Claiming and having gratitude for the harvest. Doing a gratitude ritual to celebrate all existing blessing, manifestations, and experiences in your life. The power of combining the Full Moon energies with gratitude will supercharge your manifestation energy. This Full Moon in Aries is not only a great time to be mindful of your thoughts, but also a time to focus on your face. Are you being your true self? Even on the outside? and I'm not talking about make-up. I'm asking are you staying true to your inner self, to your truths, even in what you show to others? Take the time to cleanse your aura, your chakras, your energy field, also your face, a deep clean and facial will be beneficial this Full Moon phase as well! As always, do what resonates and feels good for you.

Weekly Oracle Guidance from Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Deck

*"5. Becoming Braver: Resilience, Growing Stronger, Fresh Perspective"

Don't give in to the self-defeating thoughts that you cannot continue to go on, that there is no purpose to the pain or suffering that you have been dealt. Trust that there is a purpose to these "tests", and that is to gain strength, to learn what your capable of, to prepare you to handle future challenges better, to grow into being the true you. Let this true you shine. Do not fear, be brave and stay on your path, and keep going.

At first I felt this card was for me and proceeded to pull a new card and was informed that this is a card for all of us, my groups, pages, readers etc., and some are feeling this same way and need to hear this message. This guidance is a take what resonates with/for you, leave the rest. This feeling of overwhelm will pass, this feeling of uncertainty will pass. Now is our time. Now is the only time there is, and Now we are seeing or will begin seeing the fruit of our labors, strength and patience, the alignment of that which we have sought after for so long. The relief has come. *"You are Brave. You are Resilient. You are Strong." Keep going. Your time as a caterpillar has expired, Your wings are ready!

*Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing"

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