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11/15/21 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Card Guidance

Hello Everyone!! Hope you've had a good past week! Today we continue on with Waxing Gibbous where we left off in my previous blog post. Continuing with Letting go, aligning, and trusting. For me, this go around has really brought in some peaceful alignment, through the trusting. Trust that everything is working out the way that it divinely should and for my highest good, letting go of what I thought it would look like. I don't know about you, but that is a struggle at times for me. Last week I mentioned not overthinking or trying to do more, simply be, let go, align, and trust. Align with your inner most self, trust him/her to guide you, let go of trying to control everything, simply be you. In order to simply be you, you must align/ connect with who you are first. As in Alice, one of the main questions is "Who Are You?" Take some time this week to really answer that. Continue with this aligning all week as through the Full Moon this month we will be gifted much more alignment!

Friday our lovely Beaver Full Moon in Taurus/Gemini arrives AND is also a Lunar Eclipse!!! During our month of gratitude I am super excited for the power we are going to feel, the manifestation power is definitely brewing!! This is the time to Align, Celebrate & Release!

The Beaver Full Moon is a reminder to prepare for winter now! I'm in Indiana and we've already had 2 days of snow showers, which is the earliest I've seen it snow I do believe. Maybe we should all take some precautions and prepare for a harsher winter this year! This Full Moon is sometimes referred to as Frost Full Moon as well, when the frost begins, however, as I said, we've already had snow here! Take this as a sign of it being a time to prepare.

Full Moons are time for releasing, gaining resolution, and gaining insight! These energies will be increased this month due to the Lunar Eclipse! You may also feel an increase of emotions for a few days, so take some time to love on you! With the Lunar Energies in Taurus we are reminded to continue to connect and align with our inner self so we can endure the darker and colder season ahead. Take time for a meditation allowing you to align with the guidance and love inside, to provide the warmth and comfort to see you through anything. To celebrate the harvest that will hold us until Spring! The changes and growth that will come from this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon will have a long lasting effect! Celebrate the manifestations that are soon to arrive! Celebrate your work and alignment thus far! With Lunar Energies also moving into Gemini and we are reminded to learn and be creative! Take some time to learn something new about yourself through all this inner work! Also, learn about something you've been wanting to do or a hobby you want to start, do some art work, sit and write, do something that allows you to connect to your inner self, stimulate your brain, and something that you enjoy doing!!

Lunar Eclipse will cause a chaotic pattern to the Full Lunar Energies so instead of trying to harness the energy in a ritual or reading that I normally do, I plan to full immerse within. I plan to take the time for self-care, self-love, creativity, and insights. Take some time to really listen within, what does your inner self have to say, what guidance are you not hearing, what signs have you missed? This Full Moon is definitely a time where you will find the answers you seek. You will receive the insights, things will be revealed, the release will come. Pay attention and observe what is being revealed to you this Full Moon phase. Use this insight to help you in preparation of winter with its cold darkness. Not that we don't get the beauty & silence that comes with glittering snow at times!

If you don't already incorporate grounding crystals, such as Tourmaline or Obsidian daily, I would suggest using them starting Thursday! Also clearing energies through smudging will help keep the Lunar Eclipse energy much calmer and clear! I am going to put a link here to a Smudging bundle with all of my favorite things, especially when energies are heightened! And this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is supposed to last the longest of this Century!! Grab yours here ⬇️⬇️

Although the Full Lunar Energies linger for a few days, on Saturday we move into the Waning Gibbous Moon Phase where we remain until Next Friday 11/26. This is a time to express gratitude and receive. Receiving manifestations from our intentions, receiving clarity from our journeys within, receiving love, receiving self-love from listening to our guidance, and reaping our rewards. As I've said before, sometimes this is also our karma, either way our actions catch up with us! Good thing we get to choose huh! This is a perfect alignment of the moon and stars for the gratitude and receiving week, as we reach our Thanksgiving Holiday next Thursday! I do hope everyone enjoys some time with family! I'll touch on more details of this phase, gratitude, and holiday in Next Monday's post!

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Card Guidance

# 38. You are Rare & Free: There are not many like you!

This card is here to remind you that you are unique. You do not fit in the boxes of labels that society has. You are a true wild flower and true acceptance of this is needed (if not already). Society has a way of categorizing and labeling. You do not have to accept the categories or labels, you do however have to accept that they are there. Acceptance that you are not everyone's cup of tea. You are you, liked by some, loved by many, and yep, you've got some haters. But that is all part of it. You are you, and learning to be the wild flower you, that resides within, at all times is where freedom resides. The true freedom that you are seeking will not come with more material items, it will not come from any substance, it will only come from the connection and alignment to your inner/higher self. When you accept him/her for all the wildness they are, you are on your way to wholeness. You can keep trying to fit in the boxes, meet the expectations of the categories and labels, or you can carve your own path. You are Rare & Free, but only as rare and free as you allow yourself to be. Fall in love with your uniqueness and have the courage to let your light shine! There will always be those that point out a difference you have, celebrate them! Because You ARE Rare & Free!!

I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland. All of the movies, traditional and modern, all of the books, and of course this deck of Oracle Cards. I cannot say enough to truly dig in this week and seeking the answer to "Who Are You" connecting to your inner guidance system. Get in Alignment!

Let go, align, trust, celebrate, release, have gratitude, and receive. These are the themes for this week and a little of next week! Remember, You are Rare & Free!

Stay Present⌛

Stay Curious🐇🐛🦋

Much Love, Mel💜

*Alice: The Wonderland Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

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Nov 16, 2021

Wonderful insight. You are a great writer of guidance to the moon phases. I love Alice myself too. Thank You so much for sharing this guidance, I have been preparing for a long winter and working on ways to think positive about it and having things to do that will bring me joy. Thank You again and much love to you! 💜

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