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11/22/21 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Card Guidance

I hope you all enjoyed last weeks Beaver Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse and were able to stay grounded. Wow those energies were definitely intense! They left me exhausted for sure! We ended last week and continue this week through Friday, in Waning Gibbous moon phase. This is our receiving mode. A time to be open to receiving and reaping rewards of our efforts and seeing the fruits of our intentions set during the New Moon Phase. Giving gratitude and having appreciation for what is already present in your life is the easiest way to get into vibrational alignment to allow more to flow into your reality. Isn't that a perfect match up for the Thanksgiving holiday week?! The week where everyone seems to gather in gratitude and love. Feasting and giving thanks for all the year has brought, joined by our family and loved ones. It is in fact, the human connection and gathering that is the most fulfilling. Especially when last year was "cancelled." This year (for me) the holiday spirit seems to be renewed some. As always, take a moment to reflect back to your intentions from the New Moon, give thanks and gratitude for that which has already manifested and remain in alignment for more to flow to you. Also, when we give, we also receive. The giving season has arrived and for most it seems, the gratitude, fullness, and satisfaction is short lived and they're off for instant gratification of material items. Not to say gift giving isn't wonderful, however, for me the shopping has become more and more intense over the years. I am so very thankful for all this year has brought to me, even the struggles, as I would have never grown without them. I am overflowing with gratitude this year and am satisfied and content. This is the best place of alignment to get yourself in. Not desiring more, more, more, but thankful and full of appreciation for what is.

In our receiving mode, gratitude and appreciation are the keys that unlock the door, that removes the blocks, that allows the flow. We are are in receiving mode, which also translates to reaping rewards. I will keep saying this, sometimes that reaping is also our karma. What we give, we receive only amplified. All day long we are giving an energetic vibration out of us like a boomerang. We are just throwing it out there all day long, and law of attraction, throws it back like a boomerang. This is a time where the boomerang is coming back to us, not that it isn't all day everyday, but this time of the moon phase it is intensified. If our present thinking and feeling is what is creating our future reality don't you think you should take more time to become mindful of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment? This week especially, take that reflection time, take accountability for your thoughts, feelings, and actions, take time for gratitude and appreciation, reflect on your set intentions and revise if needed. Have gratitude, as much as you possibly can all week!! Be mindful of your thoughts, remember you are in control of them and perception is everything. If you find yourself having a hard time, bad day, stuck in negative thought patterns, take some time for self-care. Meditation, drinking water, using bay leaves and herbs, candles, crystals, teas, and smudging to help cleanse your mind, body, spirit, and environment. I have some great tools in our shop, but this selenite will cleanse the energies in your environment as well as cleansing and charging crystals near it. With the Flower of Life sacred geometry engraved on it, this amplifies the power of creation, manifestation, and helps us to remember the oneness of all things.

On Saturday this week we move to the Last Quarter phase in Virgo. The Last Quarter Phase is the time to let go and Breathe. No more thinking, doing, actions, etc. How perfect for a Saturday....take the day off. A day off of it all. A self care day to really let go and breathe. Being in Virgo you may feel a need to do practical activities, choose to do activities allowing you to release and let go. It is a good time for releasing and banishing. This is also a good time for forgiveness as part of your releasing and letting go. Sometimes that includes forgiving ourselves. We are our worst critic, so if make that list and do some releasing and forgiving, we all make mistakes, we all have to forgive ourselves as well as others. Whatever this Last Quarter Phase brings to you, work in the self-care as a priority on Saturday especially.

Sunday we move into Waning Crescent Moon Phase where we will remain through next Friday December 3. With Waning Crescent Moon Phase we continue with letting go, renewing, reflecting, releasing, and doing inner work. Seems like a Sunday would be a great day to continue some additional self-care, reflecting on this past moon phase cycle, taking some notes of what has worked and hasn't, what we are ready to release and let go of. Release all that has come up to the surface during this cycle, release all that no longer serves you. I sometimes struggle with releasing, as I have to do some sort of physical activity, it's as if I need to physically give something back to the universe. I do this through fire, but of course I'm an Aries. In nicer weather I have a fire in my fire pit. During the colder months I have a copper pot I use. I write things out and burn the paper with some sage to release and cleanse. I will do some research and give some more ideas for next week. I will post those ideas and more on this moon phase next Monday as it will be our theme for next week and the approaching New Moon on Saturday December 4th!! For now, focus on self-care and releasing this upcoming weekend!

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Guidance

#9. Curiouser and Curiouser

"Discovery, Enquiry, Weirdness, Curiosity"

This card is here to remind us all not to take the stance that we have no more growing to do, but to always remember, we always have room to grow. As a matter of fact, change is the only constant. You may be finding yourself in unfamiliar territory, feeling strange or uncomfortable lately. Remember, this is when shifts are occurring, this is when the growth is happening, if you allow and embrace it. You are being reminded to stay in childlike curiosity, continue to question and embrace the new, sometimes weird reality that is unfolding. You are evolving more into who you really are with each new realization. You are learning more about yourself these days and how you relate to the world around you. We are all navigating in this new world that has been shaped in the past couple of years, the new "normal" and you are being asked to stay true to you, to stay in your truths. Dive deep to question "Who am I" and seek out those exhilarating moments when the answers arrive. Embrace each new thing that you learn about yourself. It is with childlike curiosity you will also receive the childlike wonder that keeps you feeling good. You may even be in a place in life where you once thought this life was impossible. This card is here to remind you, "the only way to achieve the impossible is to first believe it is possible" and it is. Don't give up on whatever your dream is, the journey may leave you feeling uncomfortable, in a new world, in a weird space, but if you trust just a little more, the truth will be revealed, and you will slay the dragons in your way, you will make the impossible possible. This is all a quest to finding you, believing in you, believing in the impossible. Who are you?

As usual, I am wowed at the guidance! I am wowed at spirit who guides me in providing the guidance! I hope this helps you! Feel free to hit that heart button and subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post! I have so many books already written in my head, so I am hoping to get to a place where the weekly guidance isn't the only thing I'm writing here! Stay Tuned!! 👀

Stay Present⌛

Stay Curious🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,

Mel 💜

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle, by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

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Nov 23, 2021

Awesome post... Loved every bit of it. Great guidance and will need to read it a couple of times... You rock!

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