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11/29/21 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Card Guidance

We begin this week with continuation of Waning Crescent Moon Phase we started yesterday. This continues through Friday. I have been in the letting go stage this entire year it seems, and that is what we are being asked to continue doing. Letting go, renewing, reflecting, releasing, you know... all the inner work. It is not easy to do. We often let something go and turn around and get triggered again and pick those feelings right back up. This letting go thing is a process, a process of trust, a process of self-love, a process of going within and listening to the guidance you receive. This isn't about staying happy and positive all the time. This is about allowing yourself to feel a feeling, allowing it to move through you, give yourself the permission to validate your own feelings, feel them, and then be brave enough to glue your pieces back together, replacing any shards with your new found wisdom and wholeness, and releasing that which no longer serves your highest good. We all have wounds, we have sore spots, we are all human. We are not robots with glowing positivity everyday. Let this serve as your sign, it is time to feel and heal so that you can let go and release. Give that energy back to the Universe to alchemize positivity and healing in return. I know when I am struggling with negative perceptions, yucky feelings of frustration or sadness, I grab some Palo or sage, sit in my sacred space, hold some of my favorite crystals, and write gratitude lists. I try to get present and really focus on what I am already grateful for, what blessings I can see in my face right now. I am always trying hard to stay mindful of my thoughts, being careful of the story I am telling myself, even in the small ordinary routines, I am trying to stay in charge of the wandering mind and not let the self-doubt and negativity of the crazy world we live in creep into my thoughts.

It is a self-care and self-love kind of week. Spend some time with your thoughts and feelings, journal it out is my best advice, as it always gives you something to look back on to see your growth over time. Spend some time shedding negativity, healing open wounds, and refreshing your mind. Begin thinking of the new intentions based on all this new wisdom you have gained, as the December New Moon arrives on Saturday!!! This is the time, as I said here's your sign, this is most definitely the time, to let it go and prepare your heart for what you desire, tell the Universe, give your positive energy towards your intentions and set them this Saturday!! Ask and it is given. But you have to ask. Asking with the knowing that it is already given the moment you ask. That the Universe is aligning all the perfect components in the perfect timing to manifest your desires. You believe the Earth is Round right?? (lol I hope so) believe that source IS listening, believe that you are worthy, believe that it IS already on it's way to you. Get excited that what you desire is happening. Get some momentum to these intentions as we approach the years ending and the season of Miracles of arrives with the Winter Solstice arriving December 21 and Yule shortly thereafter, don't you dare give up now!! Tune-In, Feel, Heal, Release, Set those miraculous intentions and trust. Saturday is also a good time to do some cleaning. Make some room for all that you are seeking. Smudge your space of negative and lingering energies, clean the house if able, cleanse your mind and body with more self-care, like a shower meditation, allowing the New Moon energies and your set intentions to take the front stage of your mind. Do things that make you feel good, raising your vibration to help attract faster!

Sunday we have lingering New Moon energies as we move into Waxing Crescent Moon Phase where we begin with Prepping, Planning, and Refining. Meaning take all this new wisdom and your set intentions and begin preparing for their arrival. A simple example is, have you asked for new clothes? Ok great, but have you made room for them? Do you have the room in the closet and the dresser for new clothes? Out with the old in with the new. Time to clean the closet. This example applies all around. What are you asking for with your intentions? Have you made room? Have you made room in your heart for the love you are seeking? Have you made room in your home for the items you desire? Whatever it is, make room for it. Prepare for it to come. Plan for it to arrive. Have the space ready. Through that letting go and releasing discussed above you are making room. Keep seeking, asking, healing, releasing, preparing, planning. You are making room by doing this! Keep going! You got this! I believe in you! We continue with the Waxing Crescent phase through Friday Dec. 10th so I will touch on this again next week as well!

If you are looking for a great smudging kit we have one available that comes with a Sage Bundle, an Abalone Shell and a Wooden Stand for the shell! This item is also on sale by using coupon code "CyberMonday3" at checkout to save 10% good through Sunday 12/5!! Just in time for the cleansing cycle of the New Moon!!

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Card Guidance

This week comes with 2 guidance cards! Let me explain....I always allow the cards to sit with selenite and tourmaline as well as fanning Palo over them before working with them. I always ASK for the guidance we (myself and my readers) need this week.

The first one #15. Messages for a Rabbit - Service to the animal world

This is telling us not to forget our connection to the animal kingdom. Our connection to nature and all this is not human that surrounds us each day. That when we spend time to aid an animal, to connect with our pets, to pay attention to the signs the Universe sends us each day in nature and animals, we are in perfect alignment with universal energies, in perfect alignment with our highest self. We need to sulk into that. We are being asked to "enjoy the company of animals" to learn about their symbology. We will be given signs through nature and animals, for example if you constantly see Eagles or Squirrels, the Universe is trying to deliver you a message and that would be a good time to research the symbology of that animal to discover your message. Look, Listen, Pay attention the universe is speaking to you! You will be rewarded with friendship, closeness, and trust. When this card comes, "you will be gifted with affection, loyalty, and an expansion of your world" I have just recently been talking with a friend about this and felt maybe some of that lingering energy remained so I cleared the cards and pulled again. Also feeling the message of this card needed to be shared so I've posted them both today!!

The Second One....#40 Keeping Up - Immense Effort, Advance

This card is here to bring some comfort. You may have been feeling like no matter how much you do, it's not enough, that the situations in your reality remain unchanged no matter what you've done. This card is here to remind you that your hard work will pay off, but your not done yet. The time is now. The time is always now. You have to keep going, give it even more effort, work even harder on this last stretch, because this IS won't have to work this hard again. The finish line is in sight. You are being urged to keep going, "take the lead, stay focused on where you are going and you begin to leave the place you find yourself in now" WHAAAATTT .... this is GREAT news for all of us. These past two years have really wore some of us out. Me included. I cannot begin to say how much I resonate with this card. We have to keep going, this is the last stretch, pull out your last drops of motivation, kick start with these new intentions your about to set on Saturday, and KEEP GOING. Stay focused on the goals, the intentions, the prize. Because it IS coming, the relief is on the way, but you can't give up and you have to believe. Alice would say, I sometimes believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast! and the only way to achieve the impossible is to first believe it is possible!! Also, don't say you can't, don't say you don't have it in you, YOU DO...just do it.... whatever it is, follow your heart, let your soul guide you, ASK for help, and KEEP GOING!! WE GOT THIS!! This is going to be a time of very hard work, of getting ahead, let your determination fuel you to the next chapter. You will be rewarded and quickly!! Just wow! As I said, the Universe will deliver, we are approaching the Winter Solstice and Yule. This IS the season of miracles. Don't give up when your 5 inches from the gold. I believe in you, I believe in all of us!

Seems every week I am more in awe of spirit guiding me in delivering these messages! I hope you enjoy them and they help you as well! I am open for feedback! Feel free to comment, like, subscribe!

If you enjoy these Oracle Guidance posts, I wanted to remind you that I am also open for booking readings from this deck, which you can book here. This is a simple 3 card reading from this Alice: The Wonderland Deck. I will be adding more services and readings as I move forward as well! Stay Tuned!

Stay Present⌛

Stay Curious 🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,


*Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

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Wow Melissa.. What a awesome read.. Great guidance and great cards. Thank You so much for sharing this with all of us.. You rock girl!! 🌔🌗🌕🌖

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