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11/8/21 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Guidance

Today we continue in the Waxing Crescent moon phase with all the feels. We continue this through Wednesday. Continuing to go deep within and feel those feelings allowing them to move through you in order to heal. Using our emotional guidance system is vital to see where we need the deeper healing. Journaling is a great way to move the energy, also serves as a way to review and reflect. It is way to release and allow the emotions/feelings have somewhere to go. Making "I" statements, such as, " I feel....." help you to accept the feeling, validate the feeling, and further heal from the emotions you are releasing in order to continue evolving. Also using those emotional ques to refine our intentions set at last weeks New Moon. As I stated last week, it is perfectly fine to refine an intention or change your mind all together, as we are in an ever changing energetic system, change is the only constant. Use this time through Wednesday to do preparations and planning for the inspired action you will be taking on the First Quarter Moon on Thursday! Yes, I said Thursday! That is why this time is so important. Dig deeper, refine, prepare and plan as Thursday is the day to act, take inspired actions towards your goals and intentions set on the New Moon last week. Take your intentions you set and make a list of small achievable goals to help you manifest those intentions. It is during the First Quarter that the Lunar attraction energies are at the highest, which is why we spend this time planning for taking Inspired Action Thursday!!! This First Quarter is in Aquarius which rules our circulatory systems. Plan for taking action towards stress reduction as well, such as meditation and breathing exercises.

Friday we enter Waxing Gibbous phase where we let go, align, and trust. We take a breather from the prepping, planning, and action to simply trust. Letting go of that which doesn't serve us any longer. Detaching from need to "make it happen" and trusting that our intentions and actions align with the universal energies to bring that which will serve our highest good to our reality. Trusting is the hard part. Trusting and waiting. Being patient, not overthinking or trying to do more. Simply be, let go, align, and trust. In a world that nearly demands you to constantly be doing, try to just be. Spend time from Friday through Next Thursday to practice letting go, practice getting into alignment, practice trusting. What does it mean to get into alignment. It is this ongoing process of "letting go" that you hear me talking about. Letting go of our idea of what things should look like and trusting that everything is always working out in diving timing for our highest good. We are not robots, we are human. We feel. Don't try to suppress negative feelings, that is only going to cause buildup of negative energy. Allow yourself to feel feelings, feel the emotions, allow them to move through you and find a way to let them go. For many this becomes difficult when there is no physical letting go, as emotions are not material. This can be accomplished with journaling and then burning, through guided meditations, through talking it out with a close friend, or whatever feels right to you. Find a way to release. Release the emotions, release the need to do more, release the uncertainty, release the need to try to control outcomes, release, let go, align, and trust. Trust a little more. Trust yourself, trust the universe, trust.

I will talk more about this again next week, as I said above this phase goes through next Thursday. Next Friday we arrive at our Full Moon!!

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Guidance

45. Such a Curious Dream: Grounding, Returning to Reality, Coming Home

Have you ever went on a vacation or mini holiday and felt you didn't want to return home to your "normal" reality? I am certain we can all say yes to this! Sometimes this is also true of just letting to many things go and living in a "wonderland" for a while and not wanting to return to the "mundane" everyday life we have. This card is here to remind us all to take some time to get grounded and return home to our "normal" lives, but to also bring Wonderland with us. Meaning the "mundane" activities of our everyday life do not have to seem so ordinary, as there is also magic in the accomplishments of every day. There is magic in self-care, there is magic in eating well, being at home, staying grounded, and accomplishing goals and responsibilities. There is magic within the ordinary and this card is reminding you of that. This is a time to remember that we can be forever changed by remarkable moments in our lives and carry the magic of those moments into the ordinary. To realize that we are blessed with our responsibilities. That our ordinary is indeed a blessing too. To have gratitude and satisfaction in the new perspective and reconnect to ordinary tasks as sacred also looking forward to the next remarkable moment that is sure to come! Make everyday special and sacred, make each task sacred, having gratitude for our ordinary is a vibration that only attracts more of the curious experiences we crave. This is a time to stay focused on the tasks in front of us, but to do so grounded in our new perspectives from our "curious dreams in wonderland." And don't forget your tea time!

* Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

As always, I encourage feedback! I am here to help or answer questions! Contact me anytime!

Stay Present⌛

Stay Curious 🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,


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