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12/13/21 Weekly Moon Phase Guidance

Today we remain in Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase where I left off last week discussing trust. Trust, Let Go, & Align is the theme for this week as we remain in this phase through Friday! I have talked a lot about letting go as related to the Moon Phases recently. This is vital as we approach our years end, however, the Celestial & Astrological Year new beginning doesn't happen until March so keep that in mind too. We are in a constant state of letting go and allowing. Throughout each day you are deciding what is worth your energy and what isn't. You are choosing when and what energies you allow in. You are the one who gets to choose, you understand that right? Energies or situations present themselves to you all day long and you get to choose how or if you react or respond to them. You get to choose what you are going to allow space in your mind and environment. You get to choose what perspective you are going to take, which then dictates what emotional response arises. That is how the concept of thoughts becomes things even works. We have a triggering event, which can be positive or negative, occur, then we think a thought about it, then we have a feeling about it, again positive or negative, this then releases a vibration. We are the one who chooses from the beginning what perspective or lens we are going to view this through. If we choose anything other than compassion and love we end up in a lower vibrational mindset, thought pattern, and state. The saying that if you change how you look at things, the things you look at will change arises. Also, where the focus goes, the energy flows. So in order to align to our desires we have to get into our highest possible vibrational state in order to be a match, in order for manifestation of it to occur. We are manifesting all day, whether we are manifesting a situation that we do want or don't want it is a direct manifestation. We are constantly attracting, so we get to choose whether our future is going to be filled with positive vibrational manifestations or lower vibrational manifestations. Whether we feel good or we feel anything other than good we are manifesting more of it. The more intense those feelings are, the more momentum that vibration has. When we are focusing on negative or lower vibrational energies, feelings, and situations, we have to try to pivot, turn the other direction, focus on anything other than something that doesn't feel good. As Esther Hicks would say, go pet the cat, anything to distract the momentum of a negative thought pattern. Meaning like I said last week, Feel the feeling, allow the e-motion and energy to move through you and the feeling to pass, letting go, and moving forward. By no means am I saying we can be high vibrational all the time, actually we are designed not to as we came here to learn, and it is in the darkest of moments, when we are the most uncomfortable, that growth is occurring, and we are evolving. We rise, we rise in vibration up out of the dark, we rise in wisdom, we rise in our evolutional path, we rise so that we can always be arriving at the new best version of ourselves. We experience, we feel, we heal, we rise, we evolve and move forward. This life is a constant process of that, just as the Lunar phases are a constant cycle, just as the sun rises and sets each day. We are just learning to navigate our spiritual selves in our humanness for a short period on this Earth where the only constant is change. Focus more on aligning to those wonderful intentions you set this month. Also as this month ends our calendar year we have to remember to let go of this year, as we are beginning our new one in January. This comes with setting new goals as well as refining our goals that we maybe haven't met yet this year. We can take our new knowledge gained from "success and failures" of this past year to prepare ourselves for a fresh start. New Year' Day is when many of set new resolutions for the upcoming year, new goals, new outlooks, new energy. Out with old in with the new! In order for us to prepare ourselves for that we have to get through the Christmas Holiday and a few more weeks. So let's focus on what does it mean to align and give it our best shot this week. Stay in alignment with what you want to attract. This is so vital as we approach the Full Moon energies that will arrive on Saturday!!! (12/18/21)

This Full Moon is often called the Cold Moon, the Long Night Moon, or the Solstice Moon as we are arriving at the Winter Solstice on 12/21/21. I fully intend to spend some time in my sacred space, cleansing my crystals, and areas up. Reconnecting with my space and tools, clearing and releasing them of this years energies, recharging them to help me remain aligned and protected, and appreciating each one and the time I will have dedicated to the connection process. I have a special place in my home where a majority of my most special items such as crystals, oils, cards, and books are. I love to enjoy that space on a Full Moon night. In the warmer months, I enjoy having a fire in my backyard. Along this journey you will find what works best for you, what you feel the most aligned in having and doing. When you have tuned-in to who you really are it all just flows so well, and you can see the beauty in each experience and appreciate the Full Moon celebration of energy. During the Full Lunar Phase we are doing three things, celebrating, releasing, and having gratitude. Hence why Letting go is often discussed throughout lunar phases. Sometimes I am even celebrating the letting go, as it is not always easy. I am consistently trying to let go of how I think things should be and learning to flow a little more, as each of us should. I try my best to keep gratitude close, even when I am doing things that are mundane or usual, things that tend to have a blah energy to them, like doing dishes or laundry. I will say to myself, I am grateful for the meal, for the ability to create it, for the enjoyment of it, for the nourishing of my body, for the dinner with my son. Same goes for anything else that isn't the highest vibe, keep trying to pivot into a better feeling thought, and gratitude is the easiest way to do that. This Full Moon is in Gemini which rules the brain and nervous system, so take some time to learn and be creative, as well as getting some physical exercise. This week the lunar energies are here to back you up in however you choose to keep up with letting go, trusting, aligning and then we end with a celebration of releasing, receiving, celebrating, and gratitude. I say receiving as on Sunday we begin entering the Waning Gibbous phase where we will remain until the 26th! This shifts us directly into receiving!! What perfect timing of the Lunar Phases as we are in receiving alignment on Christmas Day! Just wow! Can't make this stuff up, we truly are aligned with the stars! The Waning Gibbous phase is all about reaping the rewards. This week align with those intentions, not just the ones you set at the most recent New Moon, but those ones you've set early on this year, the ones that you have been taking all this inspired action on, the ones that feel the greatest and see how these powerful alignments will blossom this month, we have the best holiday combined with the best Lunar energy cycle possible! We also have Gemini and Jupiter on our side helping with high vibrations, luck, and good fortune! This is the most magical time of the year, the season of giving, the season of receiving, the season of miracles..... Tis the Season!! Enjoy it this time. LET GO of the stress and of the thoughts of perfection, let go of whatever has held you back, allow the universal energies to show up and wow you! Get excited because we are going to feel good for the rest of this month!

Tomorrow I will post the Oracle Card Guidance for the week separately. As it is getting late for me and I must get me some rest! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this, as I do every one of the blogs. Although, every week I always think of more things I could have included into the weekly guidance lol! I also have so much more to write about than just weekly moon phase and oracle guidance and I am working towards balancing my hats a little better to include more of my love of writing. I hope you enjoy these! Don't forget you can like, comment, and subscribe! I love hearing feedback and am always here to help you along on your journey! So don't hesitate to ask questions either! You can contact me privately as well via our contact us page!! Oracle Guidance Tomorrow. For now, goodnight! 😴

Stay Present⌛

Stay Curious 🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,


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Dec 14, 2021

Ah.. So looking forward to all of this upcoming moon phase and the wonderful shift in energies.. Time to receive.. whooo hooo...

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