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12/9/21 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Card Guidance

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

This week, we continued with Waxing Crescent phase where we ended last weeks post. This Waxing Crescent phase continues through tomorrow (Friday 12/10). This week the focus is/was on feeling, which explains the delay on this post perfectly. We are being asked to tune-in to the feelings we have in order to heal more and to gain the insight needed to prep, plan, and refine those intentions we set. We have an internal guidance system and it shows us or leads us in directions that are for our highest good. This guidance system leads through our intuition and emotions. Your feelings and emotions are indicators, of the present, of what is in alignment and what isn't. Those emotions come up in order to heal so that you can move on. Those emotions come up to say hey, that feels good, do more of that. Also, hey, we don't like that, don't go in that direction. They also come up as a sign of things you haven't healed yet. Are you paying attention? Are you tuned in with even the subtle feelings? These are all messages of your inner self, indicating where healing needs to be done and for direction going forward as well. The world is out there as a mirror for us, constantly showing us what needs some attention to be healed, providing direction and clarity for our next moves. When you feel hungry, you eat right!? What do you do when you feel a less than desirable emotion? Do you try to stuff it away? Many of us say, "nobody has time for that" lol and try to move on ignoring our feelings and emotions. Sometimes stuffing them inside until there is no more room and we explode, or we retreat with much grief. Many times, over something very insignificant, like the leaf that finally collapsed the entire roof. The thing is, we don't heal without feeling. Allowing yourself to feel a feeling, allowing the e-motion to move through you is allowing yourself to heal. Not to say that you are completely healed from a specific situation that is causing you "negative" feelings, but every time you acknowledge these feelings, feel these feelings, allowing the emotion to move through you, you are healing a little more, you are moving up the ladder of being less sensitive to that subject the next time you are triggered, you are gaining more clarity, you are gaining new insights and direction. It is the best thing you can do for yourself, allow yourself to feel. Feel it all, the "good" and "bad" feelings and emotions. Validate the feelings, you don't need someone else to do that for you. Give the feelings permission to be present with you in order to dissolve. We sometimes also carry things that are not ours to carry. We have feelings based on, or, of energies that are not ours. Sometimes the energies of others are stagnant in your space, sometimes the energies of the world and the human collective seep in. When you are having an emotion that seeps in, ask yourself, is this mine? Make sure you are not picking up on others energies or the world at large!! This is also a good reminder of the importance of smudging, cleansing, and clearing your space. This week you are asked to do that though, feel, feel it all, then use that insight, guidance, and direction to then prep, plan, and refine. Meaning refine the intentions if need be. You are allowed to change your mind at any time! Prep and plan for the inspired action that is asked of us on Saturday (11th) when the 1st Quarter Moon arrives!! This is the day, to pick something you can do, that you feel inspired to do, something that aligns with the guidance, direction, and insight you've gained this week, and do it! You don't have to have everything about your intentions planned out right this moment, but you take the clarity, and you set a small achievable goal for the day. You choose an action that will help you reach the goal you've set, that will help you in the manifesting of your set intention/s. This action could even be dedicated time to meditate, the "action" doesn't have to be huge, it is simply a day for inspired action backed up by the Lunar energies to help!!! ⚛️💜

This blog post is a little shorter, as it is delayed this week, posting it on a Thursday. Last Week I touched on the Waxing Crescent that was a majority of this week, and completed that as well as the First Quarter on Saturday above. For me, this week was all about the feels. I, as many other readers may be, consider myself an empath, a highly sensitive person, intuitive, and this week was pretty heavy on the energies, feeling, and healing. Hence my delay. I am trying to get to a place of comfort in sharing things as they arise. I love writing and have so much to give. I'm getting there, so be patient with me on this journey and thank you for doing so thus far! 💜

Sunday we begin moving into Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase, where we are asked to trust. I know right, seems like in the crazy world we live in, we have been left with no other choice lately. But we have to do it just a little more. Trust in your well-being, trust in your protection, trust in your journey, trust in your guidance, trust in yourself, trust that in everything there is a lesson, trust that you are being divinely guided, trust that you are ok, that you are going to be ok no matter what. Trust. and when you think you can't, dig up a tiny sliver and trust a little more. Let go of the idea that you have control, and trust. Let go of the emotions you've held in, keep feeling, keep healing, so you can let go. You are being asked to align to that which you desire. Align your thoughts that you are deserving of your desires, align your feelings in joy of it coming to your reality, align your vibration to be a match to it. Align by letting go of anything that doesn't match. Align by working through those emotions and rising in vibration. Alignment is hard sometimes when we live within a 3D reality. Alignment is an ongoing process. You are never done. It is never done. You are not expected to be happy all the time. You are only expected to be aware of your vibration, your current internal state, and that is what you have control of, your current internal state. This internal state of being is the only thing you have control of. Learning to let go, learning to feel, learning to heal, is a life long process, our life long human journey. Love yourself a little more throughout the process and journey. We will remain in the Waxing Gibbous phase through next Friday (17th). Therefore, I will touch on this more again next week. We also welcome the "Cold or Long Night" Full Moon next weekend (18th), where I also have so much more to say next week!

I won't be delayed on Monday's Post next week, just needed some recoup time this week! Thank you for understanding. 💜 Keep doing what is best for you!!

One of the many things I do when I am going through emotional times is journaling. I have different journals for different things. I have one I only use in the morning for intentions and gratitude, I also have a separate journal strictly for gratitude. I have another for when I do readings and use my cards. I have another for taking notes when I'm reading or watching something on tv (mostly GAIA) I recently decided that I want to add another journal, for those hard days, for the release of what i call negative emotions. I love writing, not just typing on a blog, but actual handwriting, and it has such a therapeutic value. I encourage each of you to find a sacred place to write. or have several like me if it suits you! I love having the covers or style to match what I will be using it for. I am always on the hunt for new ones, so when one runs out I can keep going! I figured I'd share with you this journal that I love so much and is now available in our shop! It has a nice Buddha Quote on the front, is leather, is made from 100% tree free paper, and you support the planting of trees just by the purchase!! Check this out!⬇️😁💜

Although the post is delayed, I still want to provide the Oracle Guidance for you to have for the remainder of the week & weekend!

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Guidance

18: No Need to Fear; Remember How Powerful You Are

This card is here to remind us all of the power that resides within each of us and because of this power, we truly have nothing to fear. In the movies, Alice is insistent that she in no way, is going to slay anything, let alone the jabberwocky. Indeed she did though. She even sometimes thought of "six impossible things before breakfast" She reminded us that "in order to achieve the impossible we must first believe it is possible." She slayed that jabberwocky, she went through every fearful door and accomplished much of what she deemed impossible. She didn't do that through anything except for what she found within. She found everything needed within herself. She questioned everything in a curious manner. Alice found herself in many situations and continued on, conquering each thing in her way. She slayed her inner dragons!!

Lately it seems that we are given a thousand reasons to be fearful in our everyday lives. School Shootings, Pandemic, Vaccines, Masks, Government Shut downs, lack of clean energy, Global Warming, Government corruption, Capitalism, riots, hunger, poverty, etc etc....we are constantly emersed in a fear based environment. I choose not to, but many watch the news, another fear based program. If it's not apparent to you, I urge you to take a closer look at what you allow into your daily environment. to re-evaluate your boundaries. What are you feeding yourself? And I'm not just talking about food. What type of tv shows do you watch? What types of books do you read? How much time do you spend on social media? What is your home, your sacred space, like? What is your environment like? Not just outside of your body, but within as well? Do you have a connection to your inner self? to your guides? to your angels? Take a deep look within, ask the hard questions of yourself, what needs to change? Because you ARE a powerful energetic being and creator and you have nothing to fear. No matter what is to come, you have nothing to fear.

When you are faced with fearful thoughts, take a moment to breathe, to pause, to ask yourself, what is it that I am afraid of? Are you feeling afraid simply because others are? This is how the media caused a shortage of toilet paper lol! Are you feeling fearful because the situation or circumstances in front of you are not familiar? In today's world we can all feel some level of fear based on unfamiliar territory. That is perfectly normal to feel some uncertainty and fear. However, there have been many other situations occur just in my lifetime where things of the world were uncertain and unfamiliar and we navigated through it. Growth happens in the uncomfortable. Change occurs in uncertainty. And it should be noted that change in itself is the only constant. This is a time where many of us, including myself, even during writing this, feel some form of uncertainty even in what we say, as censorship has now become a real thing. I am trying not to let that stop me, don't let it stop you. Don't let the fear of the unknown stop you. You, me, WE are very powerful energetic beings capable of much more than is even known. We are eternal beings and have the support of universal energies at our disposal in every moment. So why don't we act like it? I know I'm ready to act like it, although I too must first walk through the door of fear, knowing good and well it's ok, I have to step through it. I have to confront the fear, open the door it's blocking, and walk through it. I hope you do too. The book for this card mentions, "behaving in an empowered way." How would you behave if you embodied all of the power that is within you and at your disposal? Don't worry I'm asking myself the same tough question. Take control of what you feed yourself. Put your boundaries in place. Do what is best for YOU. Take the chance. Do what you've been wanting to do (harm nothing), Answer the call. Do NOT fear.

Although I am not a subscriber to "religion" one of my favorite scriptures from the Bible is "She shall not fail, for God is within her" I don't remember the book/chapter, but the quote is marvelous and true!! God, Source, Universal energies reside within me, within all of us. This is powerful! This I do know to be true, we have source energy within; we have to harness this power and move forward like the powerful energetic beings we are. As above, so below, as within, so without. What we think about we bring about. Thoughts become things. These all send us the same message. We have nothing to fear. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "nothing to fear but fear itself" Winston Churchill said, "Fear is a reaction, Courage is a decision." I hope that you have the courage to open the door that fear blocks and walk through it, break the cycle. Find yourself again, you are way more powerful than you think you are. (I'm saying this to myself too!!) So let's do it, lets take the time to feel & heal, take inspired action, let go & align. There is NOTHING to fear. We are powerful creators. Lets co-create a better reality for all of us. I'm in, are you?

As always, I love working with spirit to bring forth these messages. They are always much needed! Sometimes as I review I am amazed at what guidance is given.

If you are interested in receiving a reading with this deck you can book below!⬇️⬇️ I am always eager to deliver messages and help others as much as possible! 💜

Stay Present⌛

Stay Curious 🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,


**Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

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