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2/14/22 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Guidance

Happy Valentine's Day all!! 💜I don't know about you but I am ready for spring weather, this bitter cold and being indoors has taken a toll on me for sure! I am so happy we have nearly reached the February Full Moon and can prepare for spring!!! Tonight and tomorrow we are experiencing the final remnants of the Waxing Gibbous Moon Phase. We can fully trust, let go and align. Trusting that your angels are with you. Trust that you are on your path. Trust that you are being divinely guided. Trust your intuition. Trust your inner being. Trust your truths. Trust the timing. Trust....and let go of any thoughts, habits, negative patterns, or routines that are keeping you from aligning to the authentic you. Align within and alignment will occur in your environment. As I was listening to Esther Hicks recently she said something along the lines of this, get your energy right first, everything else will fall into place. Take some time to get your energy right, let go of what doesn't align with you and the path forward.

We arrive at our February Full Snow Moon on Wednesday peaking illumination at roughly noon. This is called the Snow Moon as February is the month with highest amounts of snowfall. As I said above, I am ready for the spring weather, however, I have been productive with self-care while nestled in from the frigid temps. We are preparing to release and receive each month as the moon cycles, however, February is the most intense. We are nearly in the last stretch of the astrological year, where we getting the deep freeze before life outside the doors begins to return. What do you want to release in this final season of the year? Are there things from the past year/s that you want to finally leave behind? Now is the time to really consider doing some releasing. Release with the winds to carry away, release with the full moon light to cleanse, release for the full lunar energies to alchemize. Release and then celebrate with gratitude. Gratitude for the new freedom, gratitude for the tools and energies we have available, gratitude for what is already in your present reality and for receiving and all the changes soon to come. We can use the season and this month when the snow falls to appreciate the last year and the gifts that flowed to us as well as the lessons we have learned. Release the heavy stuff now, when the heaviest snow falls, let it melt away as the thaw is soon to come. Release & Celebrate!

Thursday through next Tuesday we remain in Waning Gibbous phase where we are asked to relax and receive. You have to get the energy right Esther says, relax and flow down stream, let go of the oars and just go with the flow, quit trying to paddle upstream, you'll wear yourself out. So you have been officially directed to relax and have some fun!!! What a great way to extend the Full Moon Celebration each month as it's peak lunar energies bring with it all of the wonderful intentions you have set, the rewards, all of your manifestations, all of your hard inner work and alignment does pay off.

In the book, Think & Grow Rich it directs you to not give up inches before you strike gold. Therefore, take some time the rest of tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night, to get your energy right. This portion of time we have this week with these particular phases and with the nearing end of the winter season are perfectly aligned for us to do exactly what I've written, trust....and receive. Trust, let go, align, release, celebrate, receive. Don't give up inches before the gold. The winter season is almost behind us, the new year is approaching, the energy will begin getting much lighter from this point forward, do your work, let some of the heaviness go with the last heavy snow.

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Guidance

33 I Want To Be A Queen

Stating Your Sovereignty, Declaring Freedom, Passing A Test

This card comes to remind us that we are powerful and free beings, we are in charge of our realities. We do not want to fit in the prison of normality or conditioning, we want to be free and independent. We are capable of making our own decision and choices, we are capable of living our days from a position of power, making the rules of our little world. We are each given the crown of Queen of our own worlds and we will no longer fear our own power but embrace it. We are asked to question if we have been living our lives as others see fit, or the way our heart longs to be? Have we been living authentically or have we been withholding ourselves in fear of failure? Have we been embracing potential or shrinking? Have we been living the life we want or simply doing what others tell us to do? Let this serve as your sign, now is the time. The crown is here, "you are raising your status, taking charge of your life, making decisions for yourself and setting rules and boundaries that work for you, declaring your independence, becoming powerful and influential."

Furthermore, the card number is 33 is a master number and is the most influential of the master numbers, making 33 the master teacher. I'd say we are being reminded of our sovereignty at this time, not only in our personal little worlds, but in the world at large as well. Stay true to you. Listen and trust your intuition.

Use the lunar energies this week to release that which no longer serves you, trust and align with your highest self, celebrate, and receive. Put on your crown and wear it proudly. Take your power back, call all your energy back to you, and embrace your potential, the new year is arriving soon! ⚛️

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As always, here to help with any questions you may have!

Stay Present⏳

Stay Curious 🐇🐛🦋

Much Love,

Mel 💜

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