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10/25/21 Weekly Moon Phase & Oracle Card Guidance

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Happy Monday everyone! I hope the day went well! I noticed when I reviewed last weeks post I left off at the Full Moon on Wednesday, ugh, I didn't mean to do that. We begin this week in Waning Gibbous moon phase which began last Thursday, I apologize.

During the Waning Gibbous phase we are in a time of reaping rewards. We are in receiving mode. Receiving that which we set our intentions upon. Reaping the rewards of our actions taken thus far. Sometimes this is also a time when the karma shows up as the "reward" for some not so aligned behaviors and choices. Sometimes this is a time of financial gains, sometimes it is simply new insight and clarity. Sometimes we don't receive physical things, but we do receive that which serves our highest good. Maybe that mansion on the beach didn't manifest yet, keep the goal, receive your clarity, and keep going. We get more chances every month to reevaluate our goals and set new intentions. Take notice through Wednesday what else shows up for you. What clarity do you receive? What new "light bulb" moments show up? There may also be a material manifestation to celebrate, be patient and trust! On Thursday we move into the Last Quarter phase in Leo this time! This is a time to let go and breathe. Let go of the action taking, the sifting, sorting, and thinking, just let go. Do a meditation, practice self-care, and remember to breathe. Unclench your jaw, let down the tension in your shoulders, and breathe. Really, truly, deep belly breathing. Let it go......let it ALL go .... just for one day, focus on being present, taking care of yourself, and letting go of those negative thought patterns. Stay Present! The Last Quarter being in Leo is yet another reminder to be kind to yourself, be true to your heart, take extra care of yourself! On Friday we move into the Waning Crescent moon phase. We started and end the month in this phase. We should use this time to reflect. Reflect, release, do some inner work, keep letting go, and renew. Reflect, Release, Renew, Repeat. Keep this up through Sunday! What insights have you gained this month? What intentions do you need to adjust for the upcoming New Moon? What do you need to release and let go of? Do some deeper inner work and meditations to help you with this!

If you give it a chance to work by the Lunar Energies available to you I promise you will begin noticing a difference. Of course there is much more information out there available regarding this in further detail, I just enjoy providing this update each week, as I choose to go about my week as I outline, so it pleases me to share this with you! I hope this helps!

Weekly Oracle Guidance from Alice: The Wonderland Oracle Deck

"31 Believe-Strange Encounters"

**It is my understanding that I cannot legally take pictures of the book and post, therefore, won't be doing that lol! However, I will provide a summary and interpretation.

The card as pictured below, reminds us that there are others, other beings, mythical creatures, or a whole other world that may be "make believe" or different from that which we are used to. It is in through the Alice movies we hear "curiouser and curiouser" Keep that childlike energy to accept that which is different from you. Stop the division and accept, this is the only way others will accept you as well. Keep that childlike energy to believe in the magical wonders of the unicorns. This oracle card is here to remind you that the spirit world does exist. If you are experiencing communication with spirit beings or spirit guides, believe it is real, because it is, this is your confirmation. You are not crazy lol! They do exist and are here to help! As we inch closer to Halloween or Samhain the veil is lifting, or becoming thinner so it is expected to have a closer connection to the "other side" If you are curious, you can use this time to communicate with your guides as this is a good time to hear their guidance clearly. Believe. "The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible." Believe you can do "six impossible things before breakfast." Believe you can slay your dragons. Step one....BELIEVE. You first have to believe in yourself. "Who are you? "

*Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, Blue Angel Publishing

*Alice in Wonderland Movie Quotes

As always,

Stay Present ~ Stay Curious

With much love,


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