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Self-Care Sundays

Sunday is my "day off." However, as a small business owner, single mom, homeschooling mom, fur baby mom of 3 cats, and the CEO, CFO, Director etc of the entire house I don't really get a "day off." (where's all my single moms at? you understand I'm sure!) So I just call it "Self-Care Sunday", where I try my best to get off the to-do lists and do something for me. At least one thing that I "want" to do. These are the days that I don't do what I don't feel like doing. Because well, I don't feel like it! Today, I've worked hard, but it is because I wanted to. It puts you in a whole different level of motivation and overall feeling when you want to do something! I worked hard on the website today as I am so excited to have this blog space to write! I seriously enjoy reading and writing more than I probably should and having this space is so exciting for me! I encourage each of you that read this to take the time to read the "about us" section of the website to get a little of the back story. I always felt that when I wrote things on the Facebook page they just get buried in the never ending feed, even on our own page. I was writing on an Instagram page I developed, but having so many places to go put things was getting old. The day that Facebook & Instagram went down was the day I realized what I really wanted to do and went after it. That was exactly 13 days ago today! I worked hard and it is paying off! Today, was just another day towards reaching my goals and that is the best self-care anyone can do! Never give up on your dreams!

Stay Present ~ Stay Curious

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