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Rabbit Hole Collections

Who Are You? (aske the Caterpillar)

My name is Melissa and after spending my corporate career as a Mental Health and Addiction's Therapist I had concluded that most of that formal system is broken and is part of a larger agenda that I no longer align with.  I have an eclectic thought of health & wellness with a mind, body, spirit view to healing that is "non-traditional" in the mental health arena. So, when my position was eliminated as a result of the pandemic, I chose to do this thing called life different.  I have been on a fall down the Rabbit Hole and Spiritual Awakening for what seems like my lifetime and I was not fitting in “their box” anymore, much like Alice! I chose to stay in my truths and break free!! As scary as it is at times, I am moving forward and so excited to bring healing to others in the natural ways the Universe provides us, bringing to light Rabbit Hole Collections! My curiosity and love of all things magical began as a child and the wonder continues! I am busy most days as a single homeschooling mom of a middle schooler, a fur baby mom to my 3 cats, and juggling business life! I am also an avid photo taking nature lover, rockhound, reader, writer, crafter, planner, scrapbooker, crystal collector, Disney lover, and so many other hats and loves!! I am in love with the wonder of life and happy to have an opportunity to share, learn, teach, and grow with you!!  

My 13-year-old son, Brent, has a passion for art, fossils, and gaming!  He oversees our Fossil Department and is a pretty good scout for additions to the shop! He will also be showcasing artwork with BG Arts as well as items related to his love of gaming along the way too! I am proud to support his developing entrepreneur mindset and I am certain you will love his products as well!

After spending much of her life dedicated to several businesses, real estate, and a shabby chic Etsy store, my mother, Kathleen, has retired and brings her expertise & creativity to join me on this journey! You are going to love her creations! She is very creative, artistic and talented as well! She very much enjoys spending her time creating new and exciting one-of-a-kind items for the the shop! 

I am so excited to bring you collections of new metaphysical products, spiritual & healing tools, kits, information, books, geodes & crystals, journals, and so much more! Of course, you can count on all my passions, my love of Disney (Alice especially), to show up often!

We are proud to be a small business and support others as well! We will also bring you products from many other artists & creators as I have some collaborations with very gifted sketch artists, painters, candle makers, soap makers, life coaches, and many other local companies with products to showcase as well!!

I look forward to working with all of you and hope you enjoy our creations and collections!

Stay Present ~ Stay Curious

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